university of alaska anchorage

student affairs

together we provide an environment for our diverse student population to reach their greatest potential through inspiration, accessibility, and support.

office of student affairs, su204


student affairs provides an environment for our diverse student population to reach their greatest potential through inspiration, accessibility, and support. comprised of a variety of departments and programs engaging in enrollment management, outreach and transition, and student development, student affairs supports students at every point in their uaa experience, from pre-enrollment through graduation and on to job placement. student affairs cultivates a culture of openness and inclusion, and respectful and collaborative leadership.

departments and programs

core functions are listed with circle bullet points and signature programs are square bullet points.

office of student affairs

vice chancellor bruce r. schultz | 907-786-6108

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • assessment and reporting
    • budget oversight
    • professional staff development
    • research and data analysis
    • student affairs leadership and strategy


  • staff

    vice chancellor: bruce r. schultz

    • senior fiscal officer: nancy meyer
    • data and systems analyst: michael tallino-smith


executive director cassie keefer | 907-786-1543

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • community engagement
    • crm management
    • future student outreach publications
    • high school counselor relations
    • international student admission coordination and processing
    • new admits to enrollees conversion
    • prospective student cultivation
    • residency processing
    • student and exchange visitor program (sevis) management
    • ua scholars at uaa recruitment
    • undergraduate and graduate student admissions coordination and processing
    • undergraduate student recruitment (in-state and out-of-state recruitment, returning learners recruitment, transfer student recruitment)
    • visa regulatory compliance oversight

    signature programs:

    • academic insights
    • chancellor's league
    • counselor appreciation night
    • kids 2 college
    • preview days
    • uaa application days
    • ua scholars night
  • staff

    executive director: cassie keefer

    • crm systems administrator: bob skorczewski
    • assistant director of admissions: craig mead
      • international student admission advisor: david racki
      • admissions officer: nicole fenton
      • admissions officer: heather lee
      • admissions officer: lara mcfarland
      • admissions officer: christine opland
      • admissions officer: yanette soto
      • admissions support representative: kathleen hall
      • admissions support representative: joe hopkins
    • assistant director of communications: liz shine
      • marketing communications specialist: jessy post
      • web communications specialist: corwyn wilkey
    • interim assistant director of recruitment: katherine pascua
      • adult learner recruitment and outreach coordinator: erika quade
      • recruitment coordinator: hilary st. clair
      • regional recruiter: tiffany viggiano
      • admissions counselor: alexa cherry
      • admissions counselor: rachel towslee
      • ua scholar admission counselor: vacant


director penny kimball |

office of business services

interim director monica kane

career services

director whitney brown | 907-786-6913

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • career competency and professional development
    • career exploration and education
    • career preparation and advising
    • employerand alumni engagement
    • internship and job opportunity connections
    • on-campus employment and federal work-study promotion

    signature programs:

    • alaska peak
    • anchorage alaska college and career fair
    • annual city-wide career and job fair
    • annual fall career fair
    • handshake, career management platform
    • national career development month
  • staff

    director: whitney brown

    • employer relations coordinator: vacant
    • career development coordinator: alexis rasley
    • employer development technician - ua handshake administration: james smith

dean of students

dean ben morton | 907-786-1214

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • alcohol, drug and safety education
    • conflict resolution services
    • federal mandate compliance
    • student advocacy
    • student behavior intervention and crisis response
    • student code of conduct administration
    • student ethical development

    signature programs:

    • care team book club
    • constitution day
    • national collegiate alcohol awareness week
    • safety awareness month
    • safezone
    • sober living groups
  • staff

    dean of students: ben morton

    • fiscal coordinator: denise eggers
    • assistant dean of students and director of student conduct and ethical development: michael votava
      • alcohol, drug and wellness educator: brittney kupec
      • care team coordinator: lisa terwilliger
      • care team case manager: anyon turner
      • student conduct and ethical development coordinator: vacant
      • student conduct administrator and cleary act coordinator: trevor gillespie

disability support services

director anne lazenby | 907-786-4530

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • academic adjustment and programmatic accommodation management
    • asl, assistive technology, and alternative format and captioning services provision management
    • complaint resolution services
    • disabled student advocacy
    • faculty and staff accessibility training and consultation

    signature programs:

    • delta alpha pi honorary organization
    • disability awareness month
  • staff

    director: anne lazenby

    • senior disability accommodations coordinator: karen e. haddock
    • adaptive testing lab manager: laura winckler-moore
    • asl interpreter coordinator: brenna povlite
    • asl staff interpreter: natalie page
    • adaptive computing specialist: vacant
    • office manager: lauré macconnell
    • accommodations technician: susan button

office of enrollment services

associate vice chancellor for enrollment services lora volden | 907-786-1480

  • core functions

    core functions:

    • application software creation, training, and management
    • imaging services management
    • kiosk operations
    • onbase oversight
    • student data access and training
    • student data query development
    • web services management
  • staff

    associate vice chancellor for enrollment services: lora volden

    • administrative assistant: stephanie brown
    • banner student trainer: charese gearhart-dekreon
    • electronic student services lead: jerry tibor
    • ess support developer and technician: pat borjon
    • fiscal coordinator: august axtell
    • coordinator of shared services: vacant

general support services

director kim stanford | 907-786-6860

military and veteran student services

program director peter clemens | 907-786-6962

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • assistance and support to military members, veterans and their families
    • military and veteran student advocacy
    • military tuition assistance processing
    • va educational benefits counseling and processing

    signature programs:

    • military and veteran student resource center
    • military honor cords
    • seawolf boot camp
    • veterans work here
    • vetsuccess on campus
  • staff

    program director: peter clemens

    • military and veteran benefits specialist: alex casanova
    • military and veteran benefits specialist: gregory benson
    • military and veteran benefits specialist: theresa montalvo

multicultural center

director e. andré thorn | 907-786-4070

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • academic success and personal development programming
    • cultural programming
    • student advocacy
    • student retention and completion promotion

    signature programs:

    • ahaina graduate celebration
    • ahaina students of excellence
    • seawolf success academy
  • staff

    director: e. andré thorn

    • student success coordinator: leo medal
    • student transition advisor: camai cassey

native student services

director: amber christensen fullmer | 907-786-4000

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • academic success and personal development programming
    • alaska native community development
    • alaska native and rural student transition services
    • cultural programming
    • student advocacy
    • student retention and completion promotion

    signature programs:

    • native and rural student scholarship and internship fair
    • native early transition (net)
    • native student services graduate celebration
  • staff

    director: amber christensen fullmer

    • interim assistant director: quentin simeon
    • office manger: cheryl turner
    • first year programs advisor: vacant

parking services

director glenna muncy | 907-786-1119

office of the registrar

university registrar lindsey chadwell | 907-786-1480

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • academic course schedule production and maintenance
    • academic room scheduling
    • academic transcript production
    • catalog management
    • course registration and management
    • degree auditing, awarding and verification
    • enrollment reporting and verification
    • ferpa training and compliance oversight
    • national student exchange administration
    • transfer credit evaluation

    signature programs:

    • cat (electronic catalog)
    • cim (electronic curriculum process)
    • clss (electronic scheduling software)
    • degreeworks
    • schedule planner
  • staff

    university registrar: lindsey chadwell

    • administrative assistant and national student exchange coordinator: adam bryant
    • assistant registrar: alyona selhay
      • degree services specialist: melanie donhauser
      • degree services specialist: amy thomas
      • facilities scheduling coordinator: kathleen murphy
      • publication and curriculum specialist: colleen cleland
      • publication and curriculum specialist: owen tucker
    • assistant registrar: reba hale
      • records specialist: erin furby
      • registration specialist: lavenia finger
      • registration specialist: shannon mcclear
      • transfer evaluation and records specialist: jessica salas
      • transfer evaluation specialist: brian zoleske
      • transfer evaluation specialist: eva ulukivaiola

residence life

interim director ryan hill | 907-751-7300

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • academic success and personal development programming
    • community development
    • community living standards education and accountability
    • paraprofessional employment and training
    • resident behavior intervention and care management
    • residential living education
    • student crisis response
    • student safety and facility security

    signature programs:

    • alaska native, indigenous, and rural outreach program
    • cama-i room
    • dining with the deans
    • faculty in residence
    • first-year residential experience graduation
    • living learning communities
    • residence hall association
    • welcome home week
  • staff

    interim director: ryan hill

    • associate director and mac residence coordinator: vacant
    • alaska native, indigenous and rural outreach program coordinator: mary sherbick
    • office manager: kerry davis
    • first year experience coordinator north hall: meredith mcintire
    • residence coordinator east and west halls: nick kramer
    • residence coordinator apartments: cassandra jurasek

student financial aid

director shauna grant | 907-786-1480

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • financial aid education
    • regulatory compliance oversight
    • student financial aid administration
    • scholarship management

    signature programs:

    • fatv
    • savvy seawolf
  • staff

    director: shauna grant

    • assistant director: carrie burford
    • assistant director: leslie helm
    • data analyst: caleb anderson
    • data analyst: thi pham
    • financial aid advisor: inge bristow
    • financial aid advisor: joseph cardoza
    • financial aid advisor: kay robinson
    • financial aid advisor: erin pikey
    • financial aid counselor: chandera tolley

student health and counseling center

director of physical health services: mary woodring | 907-786-4040

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • campus public health advocacy
    • counseling services
    • health and wellness education
    • immunization compliance management
    • physical health care: diagnosis, treatment, and crisis response

    signature programs:

    • bringing in the bystander
    • integrated suicide prevention initiative
    • finals week lunch
  • staff

    director of physical health services: mary woodring

    • administrative assistant: gina bardsley
    • administrative assistant: neicha mccray
    • fiscal coordinator: michele bach
    • health promotion specialist: vacant
    • advanced practice registered nurse: betty bang
    • certified medical assistant: tracey gillen
    • consulting physician: ron feigin
    • registered nurse: jennifer larson
    • licensed clinical social worker: jane garrow

student life and leadership

director kim morton | 907-786-1215

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • commuter student programs and services
    • orientation programming
    • student activities and campus programming
    • student clubs and greek organizations
    • student governance and boards
    • student involvement and engagement
    • student leadership development
    • student media organizations
    • student union operations and facilities management

    signature programs:

    • bartlett lecture series
    • club council
    • compass workshops
    • concert board
    • daily den
    • emerging leaders program
    • howl days
    • hugh mcpeck gallery
    • green fee board
    • krua 88.1 fm
    • mlk, jr. student appreciation event
    • seawolf community service and student leader awards
    • student commencement speaker
    • student showcase
    • student union advisory board
    • student union coffee shop, gear room, and info desk
    • the northern light
    • uaa fusion
    • uaa leadership honors
    • uaa leadership programs
    • uaa life
    • uaa traditions: campus kick-off, homecoming, winterfest
    • uaa votes
    • usuaa student government
    • wolf pack
  • staff

    director: kim morton

    • fiscal coordinator: lydia gentry
    • associate director of student life and leadership: zac clark
      • student activities coordinator: corey miller
      • commuter programs coordinator: vacant
      • administrative assistant, student activities and commuter programs: iesha jones
      • student boards coordinator and media adviser: vacant
      • administrative assistant, student media: vacant 
      • administrative assistant, usuaa and student boards: vacant
      • student organization coordinator: allie hartman
      • administrative assistant for student clubs and greek life: jane mastre
    • assistant director of student union: cody buechner
      • student union events coordinator: vacant
    • new student orientation coordinator: cheryl devenny

university housing, dining, and conference services

director david weaver | 907-751-7300

  • core functions and signature programs

    core functions:

    • residential campus business and facilities administration
    • campus-wide dining and catering contract administration
    • conference services and hospitality business administration
    • wendy williamson auditorium administration

    signature programs:

    • academic year guest housing
    • sustainability initiatives
    • student hunger meal assistance
    • sponsored catering
  • staff

    director: david weaver

    • assignments manager: camille oliver
    • fiscal manager: rachel chiang
    • operations and fiscal coordinator: lena blackwell
      • mailroom coordinator: joel roberts
    • associate director of conference services: tina veldkamp
      • conference services manager: cindy marshall
      • conference services coordinator: megan bladow
      • conference services coordinator: elizabeth leary
      • academic year guest housing coordinator: vacant
    • associate director of housing and dining services: jody inman
      • contracts manager: heath franklin
    • custodial coordinator: victor argueta
      • custodial services: chavelo argueta
    • maintenance coordinator: ryan leary
      • maintenance services: alvin manalo
      • maintenance services: byron turner
      • maintenance services: chris welbourne
    • wendy williams auditorium manager: shane mitchell
      • auditorium technician: wayne mitchell
      • auditorium technician: ryan buen

university police department

chief of police jeff earle | 907-786-1120 (non emergency)