coeng advisory board

the advisory board serves as an advocate for the university of alaska anchorage college of engineering programs.

the purpose of the advisory board is to:

  • advise the college of engineering on matters related to engineering education and training, research, service and professional development
  • recommend actions to enhance public awareness of and engagement with the college of engineering's education and training programs, services, and resources
  • respond on behalf of the college of engineering to questions of industry needs, and the college's capacity to respond and serve

the advisory board makes recommendations to the dean of the college of engineering in the following areas:

  • relevance of curriculum to workforce and the industry needs and standards
  • promotion of the programs and services throughout the community and the state
  • identification of career pathways for students and clients
  • articulation of agreements with other education and training institutions
  • policies and practices as they relate to industry standards and educational aims
  • student internship and faculty professional development opportunities, job placement for students, and other industry partnerships
  • program promotion
  • student recruitment and scholarships
  • issues of policy or practice important to engineering education and the college's role in service to its students and industry