faculty resources

the university honors college is privileged to have exceptional faculty members teaching honors courses and mentoring undergraduate research projects.  dedicated faculty make a tremendous difference in the education of uaa students.  honors faculty have co-authored research articles with students.  students have benefited from the multi-disciplinary curriculum taught by honors faculty.  faculty have also mentored many undergraduate students in their research labs.

teaching an honors course

faculty across campus teach courses within the honors college.  the honors college offers small seminar classes that encourage discussion.  students and faculty come from many disciplines, so the discussions reflect multiple perspectives and learning from one other.  all honors courses have an emphasis on critical thinking and analytical reading, taking on challenging activities through interdisciplinary projects, and preparing students for participating in independent research in their disciplines. honors courses will approach the course subject matter with more intensity and rigor than is demanded of typical courses.  there are various options that students can select within the university honors college: the honors core seminar program, the natural and complex systems program, and the forty-ninth state fellows program. the honors foundation requirements, taken by all honors students, include courses in humanities, social science and community service. a listing of current honors faculty can be found on the honors website.

Michelle Steffens and Susan Kalina

michelle steffens is congratulated by dr. susan kalina at the undergraduate research symposium.  michelle was selected as a uaa representative to the scusa conference and dr. kalina was her faculty mentor. 

mentoring undergraduate research projects

faculty mentors play an important role in the undergraduate research process by assisting students in making the transition from classroom learning to real world applications. it can also be very valuable for researchers to contribute to students’ development and their confidence to pursue a successful career. in addition, close interaction between students, faculty, and other research personnel exposes students to research processes, methodologies, and to higher levels of learning.  visit our faculty mentoring page to learn more about mentoring undergraduates and the type of awards for which your students can apply. 

faculty exemplar awards

in 2007, the annual faculty exemplar awards were established by university honors college dean, ronald spatz, in consultation with the undergraduate research task force and the university honors council. these awards recognize faculty members who have demonstrated long-term, exemplary mentoring of undergraduate research and creative projects. their contributions to student success are hallmarks of inspired teaching and active learning.  the awards this year were awarded to dr. khrystyne duddleston, biological sciences, and dr. anthony paris, mechanical engineering. 

undergraduate research task force and university honors council

the university honors college has developed two university-wide committees to advise the college.  the university honors council, chaired by professor rashmi prasad, is instrumental in developing curriculum and creating an environment of excellence across the campus.  the undergraduate research task force, chaired by professor kenrick mock, focuses on uaa's mission as a "frontier of learning, creativity, and discovery” as it applies to undergraduate education in general, and, more specifically, to initiatives and activities relating to undergraduate research and scholarship.  we welcome new members who are engaged in student success and the mission of the honors college. if you are interested in serving on either of these committees, please contact dean mouracade, jmmouracade@uaa.alaska.edu.


Provost Michael Driscoll and Dr. Claudia Lampman

claudia lampman is congratulated by provost driscoll for being awarded the faculty exemplar award. in addition to mentoring undergraduates, she regularly teaches honors courses and serves on the honors council.